Radio Play Packages

Get the exposure you deserve today!

Get 372 Radio Spins

Let us play your song to our over 3 million listeners. We are licensed thru BDS, SESAC, ASCAP & BMI. We report our spins annually.

  • Song posted to Twitter and Instagram accounts. over 250,000 followers
  • Song posted on Distribute Kings website.
  • Get interviewd on Dj Symphony (Wu-Tang Clan) radio show.

Over 3 Million World Wide Listeners

Let us play your music live on the radio. Your song will play 1 time every other hour for 1 month.

Our Mobile App

With our mobile listeners can take us everywhere they go. Available on all smartphone devices.

World Wide Listeners

Why settle for less? Have your music heard by over 3 million world-wide listeners.

Social Media Promotions

We can promote your song to our entire social media database. Over 250,000 Followers.

Long Term Radio Play

Get up to 1 year of continued radio play for your song. Unlimited listeners can hear your music.

Lighting Face Servers

With our high speed digital audio servers, your song will always have a high quality mastered sound.

Portfolio Layouts

Your song don't have to be radio ready. We can play dirty versions on our un-censored station.

Choose Your Radio Play Package

Let over 3 million world wide listeners hear your amazing talent.

  • Starter $99/ Week
    • 84 Song Plays
    • 7 Day Rotation
    • 1 Play Every Other Hour
    • Song plays on Un-Censored station
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  • Gold $499/ 6 Months
    • 2,232 Song Plays
    • 6 Month Rotation
    • 1 Play Every Other Hour
    • Song Placed On Distribute Kings Website
    • Song promoted on our social media pages. 250,000 followers
    • Song digitally sent to over 1,000 additional radio stations.
    • Song plays on Un-Censored station
    • Song plays on Censored station
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